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Friday, January 14, 2011

MLKjr Weekend

Friday, January 14, I love weekends.  I can sleep as long as I want- stay up as long as I want.  And stay secluded in my little sewing room to play.  I got some really good news (late, but just in time) from a friend.  She is expecting a little girl in 2 weeks.  Now I have a project for Saturday!  Yeah!!  Burpies- little girl burpies-  Sew much fun!  I'll post more as I work on them.

Baby girl burpies!
Sunday, January 16, I found this really cool idea that I wish I had had last week when it was sooooo cold.  It's called a neck gaiter.  Weird name- maybe I'll come up with a better, cuter name like "tube scarf", "neck warmer". Ha! Ha!  I think it will require some more thought.  Maybe somebody out there can help me out. 

Anyway- Here are some pictures.  I'm thinking I'm going to share a few with the local soccer coaches to generate an interest among the teams and parents.  Let's see where it will take me.

Click here to Look at this super cute baby cube tutorial!

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