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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saying his goodbyes

My grandson along with his mom and step-dad are moving.  They've been so busy packing that Joey wanted to come stay with us.  We talked about making new friends and how exciting it will be to have a new house and new school.  He seemed a little apprehensive about leaving his friends and school.  So we decided to make his friends and teachers a little something.
I looked back on Pinterest and found the cute little gift that I made and gave out on Valentines day to a few of my friends.  He loved the idea so we bought enough Starburst to make those for his classmates.
He did all the work too (well just about all of it).  I printed out the tags and he filled in the names.  All of the names,  from memory, too.  He put 12 Starburst into each jewelry bag but couldn't quite get it to lie flat so I helped him with that.  Then I folded the tags and he stapled them on the bag....  So cute...  Such great work for a 1st grader!  He was so proud of himself too.

I have a cricut machine so I added each teacher's initial to a double sided glass to make a cute gift.  He wanted to add candy to make the cup extra sweet!

I hope he had a good last day Friday and will have a great first day tomorrow.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wedding Invitations: Their Style

I just love that Pinterest site.  It has so many wonderful ideas!  As the overexcited mom of an engaged son, I was on a search for the perfect invitation.  I found several and showed them to my son and my daughter-to-be.  They are both outdoorsy and very, very, simple informal people.  I knew I didn't want to copy someone's invitation nor did I want to buy one either.   But I read one tip on a blog that did it: " Find a free picture on a website that sells or shares stock photos..." or something like that.  Perfect idea!  I downloaded (for free) 5 pictures and created the card around those designs. I used watercolor paper and white card stock to print the cards on.  Snapped a picture and messaged it to her.  Eureka! She loved the first one I sent.  Which means that she also chose my favorite! :) 

When they came over to visit again, I pulled out all my card stock so she (they) could decide on the background color.  Through my former investigating I found very neat pocket folder invitations with templates and directions.
She chose a brown/tan color- kind of like a Kraft paper and I, following the pattern, cut out the pocket folder.  It really worked out! 

Next was a trip to Joann's, Michael's, Staples, and then Wal-mart.  But I couldn't find 12 x 12 Kraft card stock or any solid color card stock besides white and black for that matter.  I also couldn't find any watercolor paper at a reasonable price.  So it was time to re-evaluate.  Back to the internet...  I found a website where I could order a pack of 250 12x12 Kraft sheets for under $50 bucks- Woo Hoo!  Next day I went to Office Max and found this super Stardust card stock- perfect.  It even had envelopes to match.  Super!!

Here they are; my son is cutting out the invitations while she is working on her college assignment. Such a cute couple......
Can't wait to see how this is going to turn out.