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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wedding Invitations: Their Style

I just love that Pinterest site.  It has so many wonderful ideas!  As the overexcited mom of an engaged son, I was on a search for the perfect invitation.  I found several and showed them to my son and my daughter-to-be.  They are both outdoorsy and very, very, simple informal people.  I knew I didn't want to copy someone's invitation nor did I want to buy one either.   But I read one tip on a blog that did it: " Find a free picture on a website that sells or shares stock photos..." or something like that.  Perfect idea!  I downloaded (for free) 5 pictures and created the card around those designs. I used watercolor paper and white card stock to print the cards on.  Snapped a picture and messaged it to her.  Eureka! She loved the first one I sent.  Which means that she also chose my favorite! :) 

When they came over to visit again, I pulled out all my card stock so she (they) could decide on the background color.  Through my former investigating I found very neat pocket folder invitations with templates and directions.
She chose a brown/tan color- kind of like a Kraft paper and I, following the pattern, cut out the pocket folder.  It really worked out! 

Next was a trip to Joann's, Michael's, Staples, and then Wal-mart.  But I couldn't find 12 x 12 Kraft card stock or any solid color card stock besides white and black for that matter.  I also couldn't find any watercolor paper at a reasonable price.  So it was time to re-evaluate.  Back to the internet...  I found a website where I could order a pack of 250 12x12 Kraft sheets for under $50 bucks- Woo Hoo!  Next day I went to Office Max and found this super Stardust card stock- perfect.  It even had envelopes to match.  Super!!

Here they are; my son is cutting out the invitations while she is working on her college assignment. Such a cute couple......
Can't wait to see how this is going to turn out.

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