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Sunday, December 25, 2011

My special Christmas

Well, it has been a very long time since I took the time to write on this blog.  I got so busy preparing for a craft fair and then for Christmas. I did a lot of crocheting- mostly scarves and caps.  Well when my husband, went to the hospital to have his rotator cuff fixed, I brought my crocheting so I could have something to do while waiting. The simple surgery quickly turned to danger.  Buddy's heart showed an abnormality. After an EKG, the Dr. said he was sending him to the Medical Center for a heart catherization.  Worse went to worst when we discovered all 3 of his main arteries had blockages and open heart surgery would begin in the morning.  I was given his wedding band before he was wheeled down. Pondering the importance and immensity of  this situation, I knew I had to do something to keep me busy.  I did try crocheting on a scarf but I could not concentrate. Feeling his huge ring in my pocket an idea came to mind.  I began crocheting a line of chain stitches until I felt like it was long enough.  Then I got his ring and single crocheted around the ring leaving the top 1/2" open.  I finished up the other side of the necklace and connected the two strands together adding more chains in the form of a bow (extra decoration and security).  I was proud of what I had done.  I could wear his wedding band close to my heart until he could put it back on again.

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