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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Twirling, twisting fabric

First day of summer break and I spent the morning searching for the perfect craft.  I've got a number of weddings and baby births coming up this summer and fall.  As a teacher I don't have much free time until summer.  Yeah! for me!  Any way I saw on Carolyn's homework blog how to braid t-shirt fabric strips and create coasters.  I took a break to look for old t-shirts.  My family has plenty but I couldn't find the colors I wanted so I went to my fabric stash. I saw one on Pinterest that used strips of fabric. Would regular cotton material work?   Looks like it did.  Has a shabby chic ravily (stringy) look to it, but they are nice thick coasters that will go with any decor.
Here's how I did it.
1. Rip the fabric into 1 inch strips (or so). 3 strips per coaster.  I didn't measure mine but they are the width of typical fabric. I ripped selvedge to selvedge.

2. Knot the 3 strips together and begin braiding.
3. When you get to the end or the length that you want it. Knot the strips again.
4. Begin coiling the braid and using a threaded needle, secure it as you coil. If you use a coordinating thread no one will ever know.  The Pinterest connection used glue but I'm a needle and thread kind of girl.  I'm afraid if it gets too wet the glue might not work.
The coasters are ready to use or give away. They will make the perfect gift.

One summer day down and 60 more to go!  Lets see- what to do tomorrow?.........

Go to Carolyn's Homework blog to see her beautiful set of braided t-shirt yarn coasters. 
It's also on Pinterest at this spot.


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