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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Love Letters of the future

If you have read any of my blogs lately, you know that my son is getting married in August.  All of this preparation is bringing back memories of when my husband and I were getting ready for our August wedding back in 1984.  We lived in separate cities during the summer before we got married. There were two ways to communicate.  One was phone calls and calling long distance was very expensive (at least according to my mom). But we could send letters. There was so much more to write too than I could say over the phone where others might hear or I could be interrupted.  

Well, times have changed and methods of communication have changed also.  Couples have their own cell phones, text, IM, chat, and many more ways to communicate.  Letter writing is almost extinct but expressing your love never goes out of style.     My son expresses himself on Face Book so sweetly and honestly.  This is a sample of his Face Book page.

I decided to print out all of his precious typed thoughts- his professions of love and create a collage. Face Book is a wonderful way to collect pictures, thoughts, and events.  I was able to keep clicking the "more" button to keep accessing his posts.  I copied them to Paint where I could crop them up, and print them out on card stock.  I cut them out and pieced them together.  I took the collage to Office Max where they printed a copy on to glossy photo paper.

Didn't I tell you he writes the sweetest things?  

Lots of work but it was definitely well worth it!

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