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Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 3 Wall Hanging for a bride and groom

On Day 3 of Spring Break 2011, I finished a wall hanging that I'm making for a couple who are getting married this Spring.  It's made from an off-white prequilted fabric.  I embroidered a sampler pattern and added "Est. 2011" below.  It took a while to find fabric from my stash to match, but I did. 

Then I had to figure out how I was going to place the border around the sampler.  I think I did OK.  In fact it looks pretty neat how the squares are cut in half and the opposites are across from each other.  I made loops out of some scraps and sewed the backing, turned it inside out and top-stitched.  Get the dowel cut the right length and I'm done.

I also started day 1 of the . It's a blog called Living with Punks that created a challenge for sewers and crafters.  We are all going to make a shirt for either a little Japanese girl or boy or even both.  We'll send the finished product(s) to her and she will ship them all to Japan where they are needed most.  I think it is a great project!   Today is the 1st day and I chose my fabrics and got all of them cut out.   I'm ready for tomorrow.  I'll post more pictures then.

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