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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 4 Spring Break

I feel my motivation faltering but I did get somethings finished.  1st- I finished sewing the logos on Melissa's shirts.  She may be sending more business my way.  Yay!  (I think.)

2nd- I worked on the next step or 2nd day of the Living with Punks sew-along to make little Japanese children an appliqued t-shirt.  Tomorrow I think we will attach the appliques to the shirt. 

Then finally I prepared some packages for mailing.  I'm participating in a web-site called whoopdwhoop.  You post your handmade crafts and swap for other people's crafts.  I had 2 swaps in one day.  1st was a zebra mousepad and the other was my deer hunter's whiskey flask.  Pretty good, I think.  I'm going to save up my swaps.  I saw this neat little crocheted baby bloomers I think I want.  Who knows I may see something else later.  Lots of good stuff on that site.  And all you pay is shipping- pretty neat!
  Then I finished the last of 6 granny squares.  This website is called swap-bots. When I finish with the 6 rounds, I'll have enough squares to make an afghan.  On swap-bots, you can choose among all kinds of swaps- books, postcards, crafts, poetry, and more and more.  Check it out!

Boy, that seems like I did a lot.  Tomorrow won't be as much.  Going to Macon for an Ortho appt and am gonna check out Michaels, Hancocks, and more!  Yippee!

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